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This is a blog for mothers who are grappling with the identity overhaul that comes with motherhood.

It is about my own journey as a mother, and how I am relating to the experience of mothering as a transformative path of growth.

My intention is to empower mothers to keep doing the difficult and often lonely work of discovering their authentic way of mothering, despite all the advice, ideals, and pressures that we as mothers are up against within and around us.

I aspire to help evolve the conversation that mothers are having, within themselves, and with each other.

While I will be posting about my own insights and experiences, I hope that each woman takes with her some inspiration for her own journey, however hers is unfolding, and honors her own truths.  I am grateful to be on this ride with you all.

Ellen Boeder

About Ellen

I am a mother of two children, a wife, and a psychotherapist part time, who never thought I would be writing my roles in that order.   I love my family, and I love my work, and am finally starting to embrace the fullness of my life without feeling overwhelmed by it.  Writing has resurfaced as another love, and while I sometimes want to live on an island in the tropics with nothing to plug into, I am grateful I get to share my writing online.  I live in Boulder, Colorado.